Related Links of Interest

The Connecticut Technology Council - a partnership of nearly 400 Connecticut providers and users of technology committed to growing and diversifying the state's technology base. The Council provides Connecticut's technology businesses with the advocacy and access needed to succeed and thrive, and by doing so, enhances the business climate for technology-based companies and the companies that support them.

IEEE CT - the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Connecticut Section.

AICN Members Page - (Alliance of IEEE Consultants' Networks) supports the career interests of self-employed IEEE members in the United States.

ICCA CT - (Independent Computer Consultants Association - Connecticut Section) the local chapter of the nation-wide Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA) providing both professional and business support to its members, as well as public access to the to the varied skills of its members in the central Connecticut area.

ICCA Fairfield/Westchester - (Independent Computer Consultants Association - Fairfield/Westchester Section)

Silicon Sound - providing a better way to manage clients online while attracting new ones. Personalized email marketing systems along with unique profiling abilities to help companies stimulate sales of new and existing products.

FINE - tri-state area (CT, NJ, NY) networking group for entrepreneurs, consultants and independent business people.