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Christopher H. Rogalin
Frogs5 Integrated Solutions, LLC
230 GoodHill Road
Weston, CT 06883-2326


(203) 246-6378
(203) 227-3130

Web Site:


Frogs5 Integrated Solutions, LLC, provides software consulting services related to Software Process Management. Our goal at Frogs5 is to cost effectively provide our Customer base with a reliable, flexible, proven working model to improve the quality of the software they create and provide continuous process improvement to maximize the ROI as their organizations mature. Organizations that will benefit most from our expertise are small to medium in size currently operating at CMM Levels 1 or 2.

A successful Software Development Enterprise will display the following key attributes:

  1. Firm commitment from Executive Management
  2. A complete Product Life Cycle Model with staged deliverables between phases
  3. A well defined Engineering Development Process
  4. An independent Product Validation Test team
  5. An active process improvement (SQA) program

Working with cross functional teams from within your organization, Frogs5 will lay the foundation to implement horizontal growth and define the necessary discipline to stabilize your enterprise as it achieves professional maturity. For an overview of our Software Management and Development experience, please visit our web site. Frogs5 is prepared to work with any, or all, of the five functional elements of an effective software development company: